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"Read this book to be inspired. Read it to be touched. Read it to gain motivation to begin your own work of hope and healing."

Michael Gingerich

Executive director of Foundation for Cancer Research & Wellness


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Social Cause Diet book

The Social Cause Diet: Filling Up with Satisfying Acts of Service—Stories, Reflections & Resources

Gail Perry Johnston

Typical diet books share one major flaw: they perpetuate the dieter’s focus on food. But true health and well-being is obtained when we become free from our obsessions and get our attention off of ourselves and onto things that are greater. Author Gail Perry Johnston—someone who knows firsthand about dysfunctional dieting—suggests the Social Cause Diet. 


The Social Cause Diet is about developing the habit of serving others for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Studies show that people who volunteer as little as an hour a week enjoy significant health benefits. (See This collection of personal stories and volunteering tips offers a sampling of services and resources to help you find satisfying ways to give for the greater good—and for your own health!

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"Now is the time for this book! If you are unemployed or stressed by the economic conditions of your life, here are stories of what people have done to find tremendous fulfillment.”


Co-Founder and Executive Director of Music2Life Soundtrack for Social Change


"Reading The Social Cause Diet is like eating a box of chocolates. Every story is different, but equally rich and satisfying.”


Owner, Distance Learning Consulting


"I wish this book had been available when I was working as a therapist with people who had disordered eating. The message that food obsession can mask a hunger for more meaningful things is well laid out in a compassionate manner, as the author discloses her own previous struggles with eating and how a larger perspective helped free her. This is no simple "save the world to save yourself" harangue, but a well grounded argument for integrating oneself with the larger world. After a context-setting section by the author, there are short articles by several dozen contributors, who tell stories of meaning they found in volunteering for various causes. I guarantee you that the variety of these stories and the voices of the contributors are well worth exploring.”

Linda K. Riebel

Author of The Green Foodprint: Food Choices for Healthy People and a Healthy Planet


"The Social Cause Diet is like Chicken Soup for The Soul, but without so much broth because the stories are about making a difference, not just about feeling good."


Executive Director of The Leadership Connection


"The stories are short and uplifting and well-written. I kept thinking I'd read just one more story and the next thing I knew I'd read half the book. The book's message: We can all make a difference in our world and be healthier for it.”


Host for TV30